This is GAFFER the robot and he was created by Van Dusen Clockworks, as part of their Minutemen Series. Yes, he is a robot, but he is also a real working clock. Affectionately named after the lighting specialist in the film and movie industry, this robot is wired to spotlight anything you give him. The movie camera head swivels and pivots on a knuckle from a vintage tripod. The articulated arms allow you to direct the LED spotlights in any direction, allowing you to use as a decorative light or a functional lamp. His square metal body was once an old battery operated lantern that is supported by steel tube legs and bulbous shaped feet.

This vintage style folk art robot is named WAX ON WAX OFF Johnson and is part of the Minutemen Series, from the creative duo at Van Dusen Clockworks. Affectionately nicknamed WOWO (woo-woo), he is the oldest of the two Johnson brothers. This terrific re-purposed retro figure is not only a one-of-a-kind robot, but an actual working clock. The vintage pressure gauge mounted on his left shoulder, secretly contains a quartz movement clock behind the original gauge face-plate. Surprise your friends by always knowing the exact time, without ever checking a clock or watch…they’ll never know!

Meet KLEO the happy go lucky robot! Like others in the Minutemen Series, KLEO is a working Robot Art Clock. He’s the brainchild of the creative duo at Van Dusen Clockworks, Jon and Lisa Van Dusen. Affectionately named after the creators favorite childhood radio station, K-L-E-O, this robot has a lot to say. Yes, that’s right, that bright yellow head is an actual vintage AM radio in working condition. Those big shiny silver eyes are radio dials for tuning and volume. Turn them on and dial them in, and KLEO is ready to talk or sing, depending on your preference. Set it on talk radio and its like he’s talking to you. Can you guess what is favorite band is? Radiohead of course : )

Meet JAR HEAD the robot art clock, Ooh-rah! This space-age guy is part of the Minuteman Series of Robot Art Clocks, made by Van Dusen Clockworks. Looking like some type of alien character in a space suit, this robot seems to have come form a 1950′s Sci-Fi movie. His odd shaped head and over-sized round eyes are tucked securely under his glass dome space helmet. Turn the light switch on in the back and his face is lit, just like the spacemen in those classic movies. That is really cool looking!

This colossal folk art robot is named LEROY, and is part of the Minutemen Series from the creative minds of Jon and Lisa Van Dusen of Van Dusen Clockworks. LEROY, with his hefty and imposing size is more than one-of-a-kind robot, he is also an actual working clock. The large Permagage on the front of his body, discretely contains a quartz movement clock behind the original gauge face-plate.